Continuous poem…

1. One night at a party

I sat on the stairs with you

Surrounded by fast faces

And rowdy noises

But when we stared each other

In the eyes and shared

Fragments of past hurts

I’d never heard the silence

So loudly before

Sitting there with you

2. Your knuckle was bleeding

From your emotions

Seeping into your fist

And into a brick wall

I lost my calm, I know

Your blood spilt

Onto my white shirt

Like it wanted to tell me something

That I didn’t know

Was about to happen

3. You think you’re a mess

Like those small dust particles

That a broom just cannot reach

But when I look into

Your eye balls and see myself

Staring back at me

You know I’ve been there

The mess that you

Think you cannot clean

But you can

4. I like that you choose

To wear my boxer shorts

Even though you have others

It’s as if every cotton thread

In those blue shorts

Are my hands touching you

Keeping you warm

When I am not there

To keep out the cold sweats

And night terrors

5. Sometimes your chest

Is a graveyard

And I long to

Dig out your

Buried regrets

And throw them into

The ocean so the tide

Can take them

And your heart

Can float again

6. You hate people

Seeing you cry

But I think you become

More beautiful

As every tear drops

Because each of

Those tears

Tell the story of

Why you’re still here

And how we found each other

7. Would it be creepy

If I said I wanted

To live in your dimples

Set up camp in them

Fuck nature

I could stare at

The curves of

Your cheeks

All god damn

Day and night

8. I wonder how many

Loose eyelashes

It would take

To wish away

Your melancholies

And your half smoked joints

That take you away

For a little while

Because I want

To be your high

9. Heart swells

And hospital smells

I’m so tired

Rhyming was an accident

And I have never felt

So close to her

Than I felt when

She was lying

In that hospital bed

Tightly holding my hand

10. I keep trying

To write about

The feeling I get

When we kiss

But I realise

There are no words

In the english language

To describe how it feels

Because the language

Is our own

11. I would rather

Do mundane things

Like taking the bins out

Or waiting for the bus

Or going to the bank

Or vacuuming carpet

With you

Than do the most

Magnificent things

With anyone else

12. I’ve started to

Notice that I used

To listen to

Too many sad songs

But you make

Me want to listen

To happy songs

And I do not

Have enough

Of them

13. Sleepy eyed

We smoke our

Morning cigarettes together

I always ash my cigarette

Straight away

But you let the ash build

It makes me nervous

But I like it

The way you

Forget to ash

14. I like being

Childish with you

Laughing until

Our lungs are sore

I look into your eyes

As you giggle

Like a little girl

And I see my

Fondest childhood


15. Throats sore

From screaming

At each other

Over trivial things

In the big scheme

Of it all

Our fights are

Like making love

Fiery and passionate

And fleeting

16. Turns out

This isn’t continuous

And it was naive

To think it was

Because you are

Too in love

With your own misery

To be in love with me


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