Lost Soul

You know that old saying?

“They sold their soul to the devil.”

Well I placed mine on a silver platter

And fearlessly handed it to you

You may not be the devil

But you’re no angel either

And the hands that once

Touched your soft skin

Now they grip this pencil

And all I’m left with is my poetry

As I watch you disappear

Like the smoke I exhale

I am having accelerated heartbeats

That move from my chest

And into my fingers like electric waves

Writing poems I wanted to write for you for so long

But never did so I kept them in my head

Until my pencil snaps in half

And the paper rips from the strain

I hear once you sell your soul to the devil

It’s gone forever and you never get it back

But I’m hoping one day you will return it to me

When I’ve let go of everything we had

So I sit here with a brand new pencil

As I long for my soul back

And swear to myself

I will never give it to another person



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