This love stain will not wash out

What soap do you use on your heart?

But you cannot wash people out with soap

It has been nineteen days since you fleeted

Away, out of my life, out of sight

But not out of mind, not out of mind at all

You are rattling on the cages of my heart

Begging me to set you free, I can’t

“Time makes the heart grow fonder”

Or does it make the heart forget?

Relentlessly scrubbing you out

Trying to scour away the past of you and I

Hoping that one day the stains fixed on my heart

Will wash out and topple down the sink

Into the gutters and into the ocean

To be forever lost, like time

Whilst adults are longing for their childish days

Of innocence and pure, resilient hearts

“Time makes the heart grow fonder”

I am slowly starting to forget

You are nearly all gone now

Only tiny remnants of you linger

Those ingrained stains you left on my heart

Have faded, like a pair of well-worn, denim jeans

I can breathe now, breathing in, breathing out

Feeling cleansed from your stains

I let you go, you are free from me now

Run away into the distance of tomorrow

“Time makes the heart grow fonder”

I have, at last forgotten.


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