How Are You?

At the grocery store

The check out chick

Asks me how I am

You know that

Same old generic question

That everybody asks

But no one really

Cares about the answer

But I tell her anyway

I tell her that my heart

Has packed up its shit

And run away leaving

Piles of dust and ash

In the empty crevices

Of where it used to live

Because it couldn’t

Bare being inside me anymore

I tell her that I miss her

Like when I missed

Believing in Santa Clause

On Christmas mornings

And I found out he wasn’t real

And I felt deceived by my parents

I tell her I think every car door

Opening is her running

Toward my house

Just to take a glimpse

Of my puffy eyes

And I live on a busy road

I tell her that my bed

Has turned into the atlantic

Without her

That my white sheets

Resemble frozen lakes

With only my bitterness

To keep me warm

I tell her I keep evil eyeing

My mobile phone

Waiting for her call

Telling me she has

Made the worst mistake

Of letting me go

That is never going to come

I tell her I can’t breathe

Without feeling her

Breath on my ear

Whilst she’s sleeping next to me

And I’m studying her like

A Van Gogh painting

I meant to tell her

I’m good thank you


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