You know you’re fucked when you feel the urge to write about a girl

It is when the disease starts

And after sleeping with her the first time

She said, “I have a fuck once rule”

But now it’s been too many times to count

And we have been playing chess competing with each other

To see who can say check mate first

But we are clumsy and keep knocking the kings and queens down

With our nervous hands

I knew her hard shell gradually cracked when we were lying together

Listening to her favourite vinyl and she started moving her

Fingers through my hair and asked for a hug every time

I walked to the door to leave and I heard it louder than Ryan Adam’s voice

She eats pills for breakfast and dying doesn’t phase her

But human interaction scare the living shit out of her

And she says over and over, “I don’t want to hurt you”

But girl, I see the way you love your musicians

The way you softly handle your records

And maybe I will be the one to hurt you


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