New Years Eve/Day

It is midnight and everyone’s saying,

“It’s been a shitty year, cheers to a new beginning”

Clinking their glasses together

Lighting sparklers and spinning them around

Like the way our heads are from all of the booze

But it feels like we all say that every year

There is a tray of shots and everyone knocks them back

Each shot a sting of nostalgia

I mean the past can really gnaw at you, you know?

And it’s funny how each year is different to the last

You are with new and old friends

But you get flashing images of the people you’ve gained

People you’ve lost and some you’ve given away

And all of the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve

Come shooting out of the party poppers people are tugging

As the streamers land on your face

But here’s to a fresh year

This is the first page of the next 365 pages that you are about to write in again

Do not leave any blank and a friend once told me,

“Maybe happiness really isn’t happiness, it’s just trying and trying some more”

And if you’re reading this, it means you’re alive

Even if only by a damp streamer


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