I Have Learnt

I learn everyday

I learn and I fail and I learn again

And sometimes I succeed

I have learnt that the best thing I can do

For myself is to know myself

Because I was frantically skimming through the pages

Searching for answers but they were all blank

Until I shut up and sat still

Slowly running my fingers over minuscule words I could not see before

And all they read was you, you, you

But I never realised the answers have been right in front of me

They were in my skin and in my blood

But I was too busy competing in the twisted race

To dysfunction to notice them

Always coming first

I have learnt that the old cliché’ saying,

“You cannot love anyone until you love yourself” is pretty fucking true

And I used to be unable to sit alone in a room of silence

With no glowing phone screens

I wanted music or voices

But now I listen to my own inner voice

That I’ve been muzzling for too many years now

And I fall in love with myself a little

More each day for listening to what my gut has to say

And I’ve written far too any poems about

People that do not deserve my metaphors

And when people ask me

If I’m single

I say, “no”

I’m taken by myself


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