When people ask me about love

My mouth becomes dry and my tongue gets stiff

I pause and don’t know what to say

My last love crippled me to the point

Where I’ve needed a disability pension to get by

Everything about us came in extremes

We would make love and try to break our bones together

To become one and never quite made it

We always crashed into each other

Our hearts wrapped around trees on the side of the road

We never understood the definition of moderation

Both of us addicts

To chemicals,

To weed

To pain

To love

To hate

Too much of a good thing is detrimental

And in our case there was too much love

The air was too thick that we both suffocated from each other’s breath

Because maybe a love like ours was not supposed to last

And we collided into one big crash of resentment

Both left as write-offs

The impact was too much

Our love was taken to the wreckers

And each of our parts sold separately


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