Dear God

Are you a comedian?

Is this world you’ve supposedly created one big joke?

Do you laugh at us as we destroy the earth?

Why are there men with so much money

That they could bathe in wads of cash

But world hunger has never been worse?

Why are gays and blacks a minority?

Why can’t you just love who the fuck you want to love without being shunned?

Why do you let unborn babies die?

Why can’t dogs speak?

Can you make my friend in a wheelchair walk?

Can you give my friend her hymen back?

Can you make my depression go away?

Can you cure my mother of her illness?

Can you let my grandfather with dementia die whilst you’re at it?

Because he doesn’t know who he is anymore

I once ripped up a bible up to make art

How did that make you feel?

Do you want to compare scars?

There’s nails in my wrists too

Do you like watching us throw our last coins into the tithing box

So that the minister can buy a new Mercedes?

Why do you sit on the sideline and watch mankind suffer?

Would you like some popcorn with your viewing

Of all the war, poverty, disease, violence, natural disasters and death going on?

I bet it’s highly entertaining for you

You say we have freedom of choice

That we’ve all chosen to live like this

But you’re the one who created us right?

Because we’re just following your steps

Nonchalant and vacant, monkey see and monkey do

You’ve made a big error in judgment

Were you high on drugs when you decided to do this?

Did you think it through?

Because us humans we’re all balls of chaos

Sick with insecurities and pain and anger and hate and fear

And then you expect us to fall to our knees and worship you?

Beg for your forgiveness?

Pray for something we’ll never receive?

Thank you for the food on our table?

That we busted our own backs working on a minimum wage for

Cunt, you need to get on your holy knees and beg for my forgiveness

But I know you won’t

You’ll just watch me spend eternity in the fiery flames of hell

Because that’s where you say a sinner like me will end up


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