I am on the phone to a friend

He tells me he doesn’t know

What the fuck to do with his life

I hear the pure panic in his voice

I tell him to just be

To take pleasure in the details

Because they are all we have

Like the connection that him and I share

One without judgment

Just two petrified humans relating on a real level

I tell him sometimes you have to lift that

Heavy heart like you’re lifting dumbbells

That you’ve got to keep your arms moving

I tell him that I’m the poster child for confusion

That most days I feel like the plastic bag in

American Beauty aimlessly blowing

I tell him that bag was the most beautiful thing

You see,

I’m scared to death of this life and unsure of my every step

I always trip over potholes and sometimes I watch

My shadow dart away and I disappear as I blend into the cement

I tell him

Albert Camus said,

“To feel absolutely right

is the beginning of the end”

That you’re not finished until you hear the flatline beep


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