You build up a certain kind of resilience
When there’s depression in your blood
The creases on your face from burying your head show
And your mother is in another state telling you to come home
But you, you’ve been through the ringer too many times already
To say, “Mother I quit, I’m done, take me home!”
And the girl you used to love speaks to you on the phone
Callous, she tells you to stop it as if it’s as simple as that
As if there is a button you can press
Because she is the kind of girl that never peaks into the void
And you, you’ve lived there far too long
Your emotions are smarter than you sometimes
Run faster than you sometimes
And you’re not fit enough
You smoke too much
You yell too much
Run low on breath on the best of days
And you’ve seen the way people look at you on your worst days
They tell you it’s difficult to watch
Look at you like a dying dog on the pavement
And you laugh through the pain and think
Try being in it
But your skin is a little coarser than the rest of them
Scarred flesh is tougher and lined with stories
Yeah you have to break a sweat for that serotonin
Remember it all comes down to chemistry, to balance
Spit the users out, the ones who only want your skin
The ones with less depth than a cup of tea
Let them go, let her go, she’s gone okay!
Place one wobbly foot in front of the other
Focus on your toes, move them around, feel them in your socks
Those feet have held you up all these years, you owe them that much
So you will build ladders with your words to lift you out
Climb up verbs because nouns never got you no where
Climb up speak, climb up heal, climb up love
Climb up fight, climb up fight, climb up fight
Because you build up a certain kind of resilience
When there’s depression in your blood


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