I have known love
That has infected my bronchial tubes
Coughing up mucous streaked with never agains
Dirty days pressed into the search for purity
The forage for something to fill your innards
And it’ll feel like God god will smoke you
On nights you want to be touched
He’ll roll you up into gummed paper
Burn you into the night
Inhale your smile
And exhale out smokey nothings
Flick you for some short bliss
But there’ll be sparks
I’m telling you there’ll be sparks
And you’ll still be here
Despite the times you spent
In rooms detoxing from hurt
Vomiting up tears and sweating out hate
And your bulging junkie veins
Will ask for more, will beg for more
But you’ll say no, no more
Because one day you’ll be struck by awe filled days
That don’t end until they do


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