Free write 1.

Caused my heart to star jump.
Saliva drowning my tongue.
Words bumping into each other in rush hour.
The stoic calm after the breathless punch.
Persistent cigarettes.
Crisp air scared off the humidity.
Crumbly vegan brownies.
Tongue licks plates clean.
Girl with magic climbing her curls.
Chest still knotted but loosens with every exhale.
It’s alright.
Hear that? That’s whistling.
Searching for the lighter to spark your eye lashes.
Cat meowing.
I want to understand her.
Wonder how many of her nine lives she’s lost.
Home on a Saturday night.
Laughing at the funny.
Candle wax fingers.
Masking tape holding the bulb up.
Grateful for noise.
For this.


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