Free write 2.

Inanimate objects.
Bowl holding crayons.
Crayons salsa dancing along verandah rails.
Verandah rails watching the bulb wrapped in masking tape.
Masking tape is good at keeping it together.
Together tobacco sunbathes in papers.
Papers pull your thoughts out like a tug o’ war rope.
Rope can help you climb or die.
Die is the choice my succulent made.
Made the bed with the indent of your t shirt.
T shirt groping skin.
Skin begging for soap.
Soap can never stand up straight in the shower.
Shower swallowing your bad days.
Days watching tawny frog mouth owls trying to be branches.
Branches doing the Mexican wave in summer storms.
Storms are God’s way of throwing parties.
Parties of ants getting told to turn the music down.
Down, won’t you get up like the incense smoke?
Smoke entering your ears.
Ears following crickets laughing.
Laughing til’ the chairs boogie.
Boogie til’ the spoons clap with you.
Clap the air.
Air light, again.


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